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Sex and High Schoolers Sex and High Schoolers

Tue, Mar 03 2009
As Tweety Says, "It's Vehwee Twicky!"
The marvelous thing about the Bible is that it gives us snapshots of humankind at their best, at their worst, and at their most awe-inspiring. Through this marvelous work we get pictures of people being human! The high school curriculum was suddenly changed last fall when we had 3 unplanned pregnancies within our congregational circle, and the Sunday School Supt. and Pastor Steve (thanks, guys) thought Id be perfect to teach this class. I think that the real reason I was selected to teach is because I AM imperfect (just like most of the people in hte Bible). Anyways. so far we've covered the Genesis narrative of the creation of man and woman. My favorite verse of this section is Genesis 2:23. My KJV says, "And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh...". God bless the KJV! However, since I'm working with high schoolers, and although I love the elegance of the middle English language, what I related to my class, is, if I was soutside, tanding naked, and God tells me he's going to give me something "special", and then puts a naked female in front of me, I don't think I would launch into, "You are flesh of my flesh..." No. No way! My response is more akin to what is found in the Living Bible, paraphrase, which I think nails it on the head, "And Adam saw Eve and said, THIS IS IT!". YOWZA!!! AHOOGA! (The yowza and ahooga are my own, but you get the drift). Just like in the cartoons! God made it right the first time! He wired guys and gals in a beautiful way. My point is that, as created, sex is very good. And as we progress through Joseph's encounter with Potiphar's wife (Gen. 39) and David and Bathsheba (II Sam.11), we get two different ways on dealing with temptation, which leads us to integrity, which leads to...well, you get the point. As we look at these people and their decisions, I hope we're realizing that sex if far more than copulation! Just as sure as you throw a rock in a pond, and the resulting waves impact everyone who live around that pond, so do our decisions (good or bad) which make ripples (and sometimes a tsunami) in the lives of those of us in our smaller family "ponds", and the larger school and church "ponds". It's my prayer for these guys that they can lift their heads up enough to see the "big picture". More importantly, my prayer is for these guys and gals to know that they are loved, and that the decisions they are making and will make about sex are big-time serious! 
As Dana Carvey's "Church Lady" would say, "Well, isn't that special?"
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